Labor Law

 Preventive counseling on labor law:

  • Assistance with investigation of occupational accidents, indicating precautions and risks for potential claims concerning labor, social security and criminal laws;
  • Investigation of contingencies, hazards and hidden liabilities related to labor law in legal due diligences for mergers, acquisitions or partnerships;
  • Restructuring and reduction of employees in mergers, acquisitions, extinction of branches or dissolution;
  • Guidance for secondment agreements and contracts with independent suppliers and agents;
  • Legal review of salary and benefit structures;
  • Incentive programs (bonuses, rewards, stock options and profit sharing);
  • Assistance with international hires and transfers, including visas and immigration;
  • Assistance with employees and officers hires and layoffs;
  • Review of internal policies;
  • Collective bargaining with unions;
  • Assistance with human resources management;
  • Labor law litigation:
  • Practice in preparatory procedures and investigations held by the Labor Public Prosecutor´s Office (MPT);
  • Practice in administrative procedures before the Regional Labor and Employment Office (SRTE);
  • Practice in labor claims and class actions;
  • Practice in labor lawsuits prosecuted by the MPT;
  • Judicial and extrajudicial practice for solution of strikes.