“In the beginning of 1966 I received, from a student at Paraná Fine Arts School, a bust representing Themis, who is identified nowadays as a symbol of Justice. It was the first piece of countless sculptures, paintings, printmakings, reproductions, historic documents, stamps, coins, handicraft pieces, books, clothing, adornments such as earrings, pendants and rings, miscellaneous respectful and insolent caricatures, now amounting to more than two thousand items from the most diverse corners of the world.

Some pieces were acquired in antique shops, others are replicas from museums. The most part either comes directly from the artists or are photographs or reproductions. There were acquisitions even in a roadside gas station, not to mention that, as the collection grows, more and more friends bring very welcome contributions.

Some pieces of the collection have achieved thousands of people through reproductions in the calendars that Casillo Advogados Firm has been publishing since 2002.

A collection obviously is not meant to be pettily restricted to one person or to a small number of people, mostly when related to a theme that exists since the first two humans had to set forth rules of conduct to live in society.

If in legal books we have the opportunity to know how the scholars construed law and the meaning of Justice throughout centuries in the most diverse cultures, in arts we are offered the point of view and interpretation of those who are not experts in the field. Once more, my sincere appreciation to all those who contributed and certainly shall keep contributing for the formation of the collection.