Compliance & Corporate Integrity

This area advises companies so they adapt to the current legislation applicable to each business model.

Strategic Civil Litigation and Arbitration

This area acts in extrajudicial and judicial claims involving the most diverse and complex types of conflicts with the aim to find strategic solutions.

Business Contracts

Our team gives support to companies for their contracts both nationally and internationally.



Administrative Law and Energy Market

Our broad experience makes us able to help clients deal with matters in the most varied economic areas of the public sector and in important issues concerning the energy market.

Customs Law and International Trade

We have a qualified multidisciplinary team to assist clients in foreign trade negotiations and operations.

Environmental and Forest Law

Our team advises companies within the advisory and litigation scope in matters involving environmental and specific/strategic situations.

Digital Law, Startups, Fintech and Data Protection

This area helps companies adapt to regulations within the digital environment.


Family Law, Succession, Planning and Asset Management

This area advises businessmen in the most diverse issues involving family relationships.

Real Estate Law and Shopping Centers

Our team advises both companies in general and shopping malls, representing them in highly complex demands.

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Governance

Assists companies on demands that range from routine corporate and implementation of corporate governance practices to mergers and acquisitions operations.

Corporate Labor Law and Social Security Law

This area advises companies in the advisory, preventive and litigation scope in order to mitigate risks and liabilities.

Litigation and Advisory Tax Law

Our team advises companies in the adoption of efficient structures from a tax perspective.


Corporate Criminal Law and Internal Investigations

Assists companies in the criminal, administrative and preventive spheres with matters relating to criminal law and corporate integrity.

Intellectual Property and Franchising

Our team is prepared to monitor and guide companies whose activity involves the creation, management or use of intellectual property.

Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy

This area assists bankrupt companies or companies under reorganization in the judicial and extrajudicial spheres.

Credit Recovery

This area works with the elaboration of personalized strategies and management for high value portfolios, acting in extrajudicial scope and in all procedural stages of lawsuits.

Strategic Appeals

This area operates strategically in the second degree of jurisdiction (State and Federal Courts), with the preparation of civil appeals, presentation of memorials, among other activities.