Digital Law, Startups, Fintech and Data Protection


Casillo Advogados acts in the area of Digital Law and Data Protection and helps companies adapt to regulations within the digital environment, as well as the provisions that deal with the treatment of personal data, in the following niches:

Legal advice on complex issues concerning digital law (e.g Cybersecurity, Blockchain, etc.);

Digital platforms;

Legal structuring of e-commerce and business models based on the digital economy (e.g marketplaces and the like);

Electronic crimes and internet fraud;

Implementation of good practices and legal adequacy (compliance) within the General Data Protection Law (LGPD in Brazil);

Drafting and review of contracts involving digital law and (LGPD);

Writing and reviewing Internal Policies, Terms of Use and Consent, and the like;

Communication with the National Data Protection Authority;

Legislation on privacy and data security;

Corporate training and professional training on data privacy and other topics;

Constitution and structuring of startups;

Structuring operations to raise funds for startups and scale-ups;

Advice on investment rounds and founder divestment;

Drafting of contracts inherent to the startup business model (e.g vesting, cliff and the like);

Adequacy of the business/technology model to the applicable laws.