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We, Casillo Advogados (“Casillo Advogados” or “Firm”), committed to the privacy and protection of personal data to everyone who in any way relates to us, and also aiming to provide greater transparency and respect in the ways through which we process the personal data submitted to our treatment present this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

We recommend that special attention be paid to reading this Policy, especially before starting your relationship with us.

For the purposes of interpreting this Policy, the terms “personal data”, “sensitive personal data”, “anonymization”, “owner”, “controller”, “treatment”, “consent” and “elimination” herein described in the singular or plural will have the definitions given by the LGPD and/or the ANPD, if applicable, unless otherwise defined in this Policy.


I.1. We may process personal data in different situations and for different specific purposes, especially when we are hired to provide services, but also when we hire service providers, lawyers, interns and any employees.

I.2. Below are examples of some of the data collected and the respective purposes for which the processing of personal data can be carried out:

  • Data obtained by registering in our newsletter or at our events: full name, e- mail, organization where you work and position;
  • Job applicant data: full name, age, address, telephone, e-mail, academic background, professional experience, intended position, objectives, skills, languages, as well as any additional information that the holder may inform us;
  • Qualification data for the provision of services by Casillo Advogados: full name, nationality, marital status, profession, business/home address, RG, CPF, CNH, e- mail address;
  • Data regarding the interaction with the content produced by the Firm: number of accesses to our website/newsletter, length of stay, engagement rate, among other analytical data;
  •  Image from security cameras: Images collected by the time of your visit to our offices;
  • Special categories of data: Race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, health data, among others, in limited circumstances, especially when the holder has provided us with a very specific service.

I.3. The collection of personal data can happen directly with their respective holders, or with people who keep a relationship with us, as well as in publicly available sources (social networks, for example), respecting, mainly, the principles of necessity and purpose.

II. Holders

II.1. The holders of personal data may be our customers, partners, suppliers, service providers, users of our website, applicants for job vacancies at the Firm, participants in our events, as well as any third parties, when the information is provided to us by any of the people who keep a relationship with the firm, if strictly necessary.

II.2. When the Firm receives data on any persons other than the data from the holder himself / herself, the person who provided the information to us is responsible for ensuring that such data is transferred to us in compliance with applicable data protection laws.


III. Purpose of Data Treatment

III. 1. The purposes for which we use the personal data processed are as follows:

  • Provide legal advice, analyzing the specific case presented by our clients, processing their information in order to comply with the obligations established in the contracts with our clients;
  • Conduct administrative and legal proceedings to which the Firm is a party or in cases we have been hired by our clients;
  • Disclosure of our work, such as information about events, legal updates, services, answers to questions, complaints, compliments or suggestions, especially from our current or potential customers;
  • Meet legal and/or regulatory obligations, such as complying with tax reporting obligations and compliance with labor obligations;
  • Recruitment and selection of individuals to integrate the Firm’s team; and
  • Hiring of service providers necessary for the office and also for support in the services provided to our clients, such as those in legal proceedings, for example.

IV. Sharing Personal Data

IV.1. We may share personal data in strictly necessary situations in compliance with legal principles and as long as we have a legal basis for doing so, according to the hypotheses exemplified below:

a) Service providers: in some of our services we depend on working with other companies, such as in cases of legal proceedings in other municipalities or in the case of technology providers, for example, always in strict compliance with the purposes informed to the holders and only with service providers that guarantee the observance of strict standards in the treatment of personal data.

b) Public authorities or official bodies: for the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligations to which we are subject, as well as in order to respond to investigations, legal proceedings or to perform investigations, or if otherwise required by legislation.

c) International Data Transfer: it can only occur in cases where we work together with foreign customers, adopting the appropriate measures to protect the adequate protection of this data in accordance with the requirements of the LGPD and in compliance, above all, with the principle of necessity.

d) Third parties indicated by the holders: in cases it has been requested by the holders themselves.

V. Retention Period

V.1. The Firm may maintain and store the data according to the needs só it can achieve the specific purposes of each case.

V.2. Thus, the storage period of the processed data is defined according to the characteristics of each of the situations, as well as the legal and regulatory obligations to which we are subject.

VI. Safety of Data Treatment

VI.1. Casillo Advogados, in compliance with the terms of the LGPD, asserts that it uses the appropriate and necessary technical measures to protect personal data in the face of illegal or unauthorized treatment, accidental loss, damage or destruction.

VI.2. The Firm has a system made up of protected equipment capable of handling personal data securely, in addition to an information security team qualified to carry out periodic maintenance and take the necessary measures in the event of any type of leak.

VI.3. Access to the Firm’s system is restricted to specific people, with scaling of permissions, designed according to the need for access to information and periodically reviewed.

VII. Controller and Operator

VII. 1. The Firm, as it is responsible for decisions regarding most of the treatment, performs the role of Controller, as defined by the LGPD.

VII.2. However, in certain situations, we also act as Operators of personal data, in view of the previously established contract with our customers.


VIII. Rights of the Holders

VIII.1. We see the importance of the personal data that are submitted to our treatment and we dedicate our best efforts to ensure the observance of the rights of the holders of personal data, which we highlight below:

a) Transparency: receive clear and complete information about the processing of your personal data carried out by us;

b) Access: request access to your personal data and/or confirm the existence of data processing;

c) Portability: request the portability of your personal data, as defined by the National Data Protection Authority – ANPD. This means that the holder may request that the data be moved to another controller;

d) Rectification: request the rectification of erroneous, incomplete, inaccurate and outdated personal data;

e) Review: Request review of automated decisions involving personal data that may affect your interests;

f) Opposition: object to processing activities involving your personal data;

g) Anonymization: request the anonymization of your personal data;

h) Deletion: request the deletion of your personal data, subject to the necessary retention period.

i) Revocation of Consent: revoke consent, when the Firm processes your personal data only on the basis of consent.

 To enable the exercise of the rights of holders of personal data processed by the Firm, the electronic address will work as a communication channel with Casillo Advogados.

IX. Cookies

IX.1. Cookies are text files containing small pieces of data that are stored on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a website. They are useful for allowing websites to function, or to work more efficiently, as well as for providing information to website owners. Cookies improve the user experience by allowing websites to read and write them, thus enabling them to recognize visitors and remembering important information that makes using the website more convenient for the visitor. 

IX.2. When you access our website for the first time within the Brazilian national territory, in accordance with Art. 3 of the LGPD, you will receive a message advising you that cookies and similar technologies are in use. By clicking “Ok, I understand it!”, it means that you understand and agree with the use of these technologies as described in this Cookie Policy.

IX.3. On our site we use the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. They are essential for the functioning of our website, so we can guarantee the adequate safety and performance of your navigation. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.
  • Preference cookies. They store information about your preferences, such as your language and the region you dwell, allowing for a better navigation experience. 
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  IX.4. If you have any questions, please access our Cookie Policy here [link]; and if you want to make any request, communication or even complaint, please contact us at  

X. Updates of our Policy

X. 1. We emphasize that whenever there are updates to this Policy, the Firm undertakes to use its best efforts to communicate it to everyone through email, as well as the disclosure on our own website. 

X.2. In any case, we recommend that you periodically consult this Policy, in order to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may have been made. 

XI. Contact us

XI.1. If you have any questions related to this Policy, that is, if any violation or non-compliance with its terms is found, please contact us at

Last updated: June 9th, 2022.