In Memorian

Patrícia Casillo

A legacy of competence, courage and sensibility

The team of Casillo Advogados reserves this space to perpetuate a well-deserved tribute and to express the deepest gratitude to Dr. Patricia Casillo.

An outstanding lawyer

Dr. Patrícia graduated in law from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) in 1996;

She post-graduated in business law management;

A member of the OAB/PR Law Firms Commission from 2007 to 2021;

A Board member of the Association of Companies of the Industrial City of Curitiba;

One of the most admired lawyers in Brazil, according to the Análise Advocacia Mulher Ranking in the “Full Service”, “Paper and Cellulose” and “Business Contracts” office areas;

Twenty-five years of intense dedication to working in the most diverse areas of Law

Throughout the period of her legal activity Dra. Patrícia Casillo brilliantly conceived and coordinated the Firm’s Appeals Department, working in several Courts of Justice in the country, especially with the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the Federal Supreme Court ( STF).

Patrícia also masterfully directed the Firm’s Corporate Department, working on contractual matters, relevant corporate transactions and advisory demands, with serenity, common sense and extensive legal knowledge.

In addition to the indisputable technical capacity, certainly, the great differential contribution of Dr. Patricia Casillo was her incredible ability to train and educate people. There were hundreds of academics and lawyers who learned from her practical sense and her tireless desire to provide the best and most efficient legal service. Even though her time was so limited, she always kept doors open to anyone who needed legal advice or even a word of support and direction.

We will always gratefully honor her legacy, and we will remain steadfast in the mission she has entrusted to us.

With love, The team of Casillo Advogados